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Naviera Coffee Mills, Inc

1921 - 2006

85 years of Master Coffee Roasting

First Generation Founder of Naviera Coffee Mills, Inc. Carlos Menendez 1926

Naviera Coffee Mills 1922

Naviera Coffee Mills 1922

Naviera Coffee Mills Logo

          Second Generation          Serbia Menendez Fernandez  & Vicente Fernandez

Rafael Garcia 1954

         Third Generation              Danilo Fernandez, Sr.

Mr. Garcia, Millie and Mr Fernandez 2001

Naviera #1 Roast

El Molino Gourmet Coffee Shop

          FourthGeneration                 Danilo Fernandez, Jr.        Millie & Danilo Fernandez, Sr.

Naviera Famoso Cafe 2006

Naviera Coffee Mills, Inc. 1967

Packaging Naviera blue by hand.

1st production line for Naviera coffee.

Young Danilo, & Vicente Fernandez in shop. 

Here are
some more old

Roaster, grinder, hopper.

1st roaster,inside pre-el molino shop

Vicente Fernandez in factory with coffee shipment.

Vicente Fernandez delivering coffee on 7th Ave.

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